The point of sale and platform built with your business’ success in mind.

A Powerful Platform for Your Business

Revel Systems is the POS and platform built to help businesses achieve their goals. Improving day-to-day operations and fueling growth for merchants of all sizes, Revel pairs an intuitive point of sale with powerful management tools, integrating inventory management, employee management, sales reporting, and more into a single platform.

Manage Your Whole Team, Effortlessly

Identify hourly business trends and create team schedules to meet demand more accurately with labor forecasting reports. Designate specific user permissions for precise control.

Provide Unmatched Customer Experience

Deliver fast, friendly service to your customers no matter where they are with Revel’s features that include Online and Mobile Ordering, SelfService Kiosks, and Mobile Order Takers.

Make Strategic, Business-Boosting Decisions

Track, monitor, and manage your business in real-time across all channels with Revel’s full suite of intelligent reports. Compare to past performance to ensure business is on track.

Revel’s cloud-based infrastructure helps your business process orders faster than hardware intensive, server-based legacy POS systems. And with CRM integration Revel gives you the opportunity to WOW your loyal customers with their favorites, even with multiple locations.

Streamline Checkouts with a CDS

Utilize a Customer Display System (CDS) to improve customer checkout interactions and increase transparency. Integrate a Customer Display into your Revel System platform to enable your customers to engage throughout the checkout process, improve accuracy, and boost customer satisfaction

Empower Your Customers

Give customers the power to go green with paperless emailed receipts. Enable customers to sign for their purchases, give tips, and sign up for your loyalty program from the CDS.

Increase Checkout Accuracy

Enable customers to track their orders, including discounts and totals, during checkout. Provide customers the opportunity to view and confirm their orders during processing.

Create a Branded Experience

Display dynamic and custom imagery. Use your CDS to communicate specials or insert branded imagery and messaging between sales.

Wireless and fully integrated with your Revel platform, your business can clearly inform customers and streamline the checkout process with a Customer Display System.

A Superior Dining Experience for Any Meal

Whether you’re implementing your first Point of Sale or upgrading from an existing one, Revel’s POS provides precise control and maximum functionality for any table service restaurant. Manage your entire operation, including menus, inventory, employees, and customer relationships, more efficiently than ever from a single Management Console.

Maintain Total Control of Your Menu Options

Easily manage menus with simplified import and export functionality and make menu changes across all establishments on the fly. With ingredient-level inventory tracking, modifiers no longer create surprise overhead.

Identify What’s Working and What Needs Attention

Understand how all of the moving parts of your business impact the bottom line with Revel’s Intelligent Reporting. From transactions to sales to labor, get up-to-the-minute reporting to optimize your business in the moment.

Perfect Accuracy with Better Internal Communication

Ensure the right food is delivered timely and accurately to drive down costs and improve customer satisfaction. With Mobile Order Takers and Kitchen Display Screens, your team can reduce service errors and slowdowns

Designed to meet the needs of every business size, Revel POS for table service restaurants provides restaurant owners and operators the tools you need to enhance the customer experience and make managing your restaurant easier.