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Meet Pacific Island Payment Solutions Point of Sale. Save time and money.

Custom Solutions Perfected for Your Business

From full-service table seating restaurants to quick serve cafés, from retail stores to salons, and from grocery stores to convenience or liquor stores, Pacific Island’s POS is packed with over 300 features in a beautiful, easy-to-use design. We offer a variety of solutions that will suit your specific needs. Contact us and we’ll help you decide which solution is best for your business.

No Training Necessary

Get up and running and start making your first sales in a matter of minutes with our intuitive Point of Sale.

Accept Any Credit Card Tender Type

We save merchants an average of 64% over Square, Toast, etc. Available for all credit card types, ApplePay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. EMV chip protects businesses from fraudulent Chargebacks.

Zero Cloud Point of Sale

Designed to increase security, stability, ease-of-use, and speed of service. Pacific Island’s streamlined ecosystem provides businesses with the right tools to grow. Business owners know the importance of a stable Point of Sale system. Don’t let spotty internet slow you down.

Inventory Management

Keep track of what’s in your store at all times. No need to “check the back” or call around to other locations. Pacific Island’s Point of Sale automatically sends emails when items are running low in stock.

Mobile Tablet Tableside Ordering

Service your guests quicker than ever. Staff can place orders from a tablet or smartphone directly at the table and orders are quickly sent to the appropriate kitchen/bar printers and the Point of Sale is updated in real-time. Our tableside solution will dramatically increase service efficiency and customer service.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Program

Create and sell gift cards quickly and easily. Add your customers quickly as they make purchases, and collect essential marketing information like email addresses and phone numbers. E-mail marketing to offer deals and incentives which generates more revenue by return customers.

Online Dashboard

Check and compare live data between stores and manage multiple locations either on-site or remotely anywhere, anytime.

No Obligations, No Contract

Try Pacific Island Payment Solutions’ Point of Sale system with your business for as long as you like. If for any reason, you don’t love it, we’ll switch you back to your old cash register or old Point of Sale solution.

Custom Solutions Built For Your Restaurant

Unlike our competitors, we realize every business is unique. We will happily work together to customize features to fit within your complex kitchen workflow.
Think about how your Point of Sale processes orders in relation to the setup of the kitchen. Maybe you need to be able to split kitchen orders between different prep stations. Maybe a manager is required to approve voids, comps and discounts before they are accepted.
We provide custom solutions to build a restaurant workflow for an exceptional customer experience. We take the time to design a Point of Sale system to fit within your kitchen workflow.
When business owners take the time to design your kitchen workflow, staying on top of all moving parts of your restaurant – order flow, communications, inventory, stock counts, seating, takeout service – gets much easier with fewer mistakes.

Discover why successful restaurants are switching from Cloud-based POS to pacific island payment solutions POS technology.

Cloud-based POS systems are only as good as your internet connection. It’s time to rethink your marriage to your cloud-based point-of-sale system. Cloud-based POS systems simply cannot handle busy restaurant environments.

Track Record of Reliability and Stability

Pacific Island Payment Solutions’ POS operates on a local connection, meaning it doesn’t need the internet to run. In other words, it’s crucial to partner with a POS company that will give you peace of mind – by keeping your business up-and-running at full speed, at all times.

Zero downtime leads to increased productivity, higher revenue, and greater opportunities.

Cloud-based POS systems require devices to be constantly connected to the internet. Spotty internet connection can cause delays, slower table turns, missing kitchen tickets, and even loss of sales. Serious restaurant owners should never rely 100% on an internet connection.