Retail POS System For Your Business, A Software to Grow With.

Solutions to Fit Unique Businesses

With over 30 years of experience, Osprey has provided our services to a variety of small business industries, which include: Non-Profit, Thrift, Tobacco, Pet, Grocery, Retail, Liquor and Consignment. We’ve helped countless businesses grow with our custom-made, point-of-sale technology, and we’re more than happy to help you, too.


Our point of sale guarantees a simple, streamlined experience when it comes to cashing out your guests. With feature-rich capabilities and intuitive design, you can cash out more customers without hassle or stress.


Our point of sale can quickly organize information on the backend for you to review later. Plus, our system accepts various payment methods to serve your expansive audience. That way, you’ll learn more about your guests’ preferences.


Using our point of sale, you can up-to-the-minute stats on current stock and track how your items are selling or rotating through the retail cycle. For inventory management, your point of sale system must be as thorough as you are


The secret sauce of any business lies in your reporting data. The more insights you gain on your customers, the better. Our customizable reporting can help you track progress and view sales, time management, goal tracking, etc.

Comprehensive Support from Osprey Retail

Osprey Retail is prepared to take your business to new heights. Are you ready to transform your day-to-day business operations? From unparalleled reporting data to item maintenance support, our point-of-sale technology can offer all the features to guide you to a profitable, scalable business.

Osprey Retail has provided point of sale solutions for retail businesses for over 30 years. Supported with unique, industry knowledge—your business is in capable hands. Our customizable, retail POS system offers robust applications to solve all your business challenges and simplify your day-to-day operations.

Whether your business is wine/liquor, tobacco, pet, grocery, retail, thrift, nonprofit, consignment—it doesn’t matter. Regardless of your industry, we’ll provide you with the customizable software that fits your business requirements, all with seamless integration and unending support. Gone are the days where you need multiple systems to operate your store. Our team created a thoughtful, carefully-designed solution that can support all area of your operations from management to checkout and inventory assistance.