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Credit Card Processing


Pacific Island Payment Solutions specializes in all retail vertical markets, including Hair and Nail Salons, Grocery and Convenience Stores, Doctor’s or Medical Offices, Gas Station/Convenience Stores, Liquor and Smoke Shops. Contact us and we can help your retail business with all of your merchant services’ needs.


Pacific Island Payment Solutions works with high-volume Restaurant Bars and Quick Service Restaurants all over the country. We have standalone payment solutions and sophisticated point-of-sale (POS) solutions for all types of restaurants. Our consultants will help you find the best solution for your restaurant.


Pacific Island Payment Solutions works with all of the major hotel brands like Red Roof Inns, Super 8 Motels, Quality Inns, and Independent Hotel owners all over the country. We partner with Shift4 DOLLARS ON THE NET and Elavon’s Fusebox gateways (as well as other gateways and software integrations) to provide credit card processing for our hotel merchants.


Pacific Island Payment Solutions’ e-Commerce solutions provide all the security and flexibility you need to process payments online. We partner with many of the top gateways like and NMI to keep your customers’ data safe and provide fast credit card processing for your shopping carts. We can also help merchants integrate payment processing for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or any WordPress site.

Mail/Telephone Ordering

Pacific Island Payment Solutions provides all the security and flexibility you need to process payments in card-not-present environments. We have software with virtual terminals and recurring billing solutions to help all phone or mail order merchants.

Online Solutions


Our easy to use, dynamic, rebillable invoicing solutions will save you and your customers time and help you get paid faster.

Recurring Billing

Weekly, monthly, quarterly or anything in between, ensuring your business’ steady revenue stream has never been easier than with us.


Maximize your non-profit’s donations with our cost-effective, custom-branded, mobile-friendly donation pages.

Dynamic Descriptors

Customize what displays on cardholders’ statements to enhance billing transparency and decrease customer chargebacks….for free.

Custom Checkout Pages

Large-scale storefronts or just a Facebook page and an Instagram account, our mobile-friendly Checkouts are customized to your brand’s look, created same day and included with your merchant account.

E-Commerce Integration

Compatible with hundreds of E-commerce, Email-marketing, Accounting, and Salesforce-automation software products to access everything in one place.


Get paid as tickets are sold, not 5 days after your event is over, with a much better-looking purchase page.


Easily enable distributions of payments received to multiple vendor-suppliers.

Card-Present Solutions

Chip and Pin

The most advanced terminals on the market, all fully satisfying the “Chip and Pin Mandate”. FREE Verifone Vx520 NFC/EMV Terminals!

Chargeback Protection

Next-Day Notification by email to one or multiple email addresses of Chargebacks, eliminating losses due to non-receipt.

PCI Handling

Avoid the headaches of PCI Compliance questionaires that are impossible for you to answer.

Multi Location Groups

From two to 2,000 locations, all activity under one reporting engine with one Login/Password.

ApplePay/Google Wallet/NFC

Swipe-terminals and virtual-terminals all pre-loaded with the ability to accept ApplePay, Google Wallet, and other Near-Field-Communication (“NFC”) payments.

Wireless Dongles (Phone Swipers)

The best cell-phone dongles (squares) available that work with all the other payment methods you want to use.

More Solutions

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